When to hunt?

Trophy hunting for musk ox starts 1st July one month before the hunting of caribou starts.

The good thing about musk ox hunting in July is that we are all alone in a vast area that is only accessable by helicopter or 8-10 hour up river by small boats.

1st of August the public hunting starts and a few local hunters will be seen in the area.


How many days is the actually hunt?

Usualy a huntingtrip will be from 3-5 hunting days, but it depents on how many hunters are participating . We expect however to get a healthy Musk ox/caribou at the very first day. For that reason we offer you to have a beautiful trip on the river, down to the waterfall to fish.

Of cause additional license are available, and all small game hunting for mountain hare, ptarmigan and arctic fox and fish for trout is included in the price. No extra payment.

A trip to the Greenlandic Ice sheet can be arranged, when you return to Kangerlussuaq after the hunt.

Please advise us your wishes.


Can I hunt alone or can it be fewer than 3-4 hunters?

We have the best experience with huntingparties from 2-3 hunters, as it gives a really good interaction and a good mood, without to much waitingtime. If you want to be alone on the hunt, or want to bring a nonhunher/observer, it can be arranged also.


What about the Trophy?

We work with Diana Taxidermy. http://www.dianakonservering.dk

They are definitely one of the best and most experienced in Denmark, and with many international awards.

You can be sure that the end product will become world class. We have specially chosen Diana because they have considerable expertise in international transit and import regulations.

Payment for taxidermy is between you and Taxidermist.


What about the shipping of Trophy?

Blue Water Shipping handle the shipping.

We/they can assist you with all matters relating to transporting trophies, regardless of country of origin or final destination, including insurance, veterinary documents, etc.

Payment for shipping and veterinary is not included.


How do I get to Greenland?

The hunt takes place in the area outside the Kangerlussuaq in west Greenland. Kangerlusuaq is base for Greenland's largest airport.

All international flights to Kangerlussuaq are from Copenhagen in Denmark. There is only one airline operating this route, Air Greenland.


At arrival to Kangerlussuaq you will be met by one of our outfitters/guids at the airport and they will escort you to  the hunting camp the same day by helicopter.


Can I be sure to get a Muskox?

We can never be absolutely sure, but we will do our outmost to see that everyone gets the trophy which they have come for.

Until now we have a success rates of 100%. The only challenge for the hunters is not to shoot more than he had planned.


What caliber do I use for Musk oxen / reindeer, and can I if, necessary rent a rifle from you?

The Greenlandic law permits only hunting of musk oxen with caliber from 30-06 similar force or more when hunting Trophy.

For Reindeer the requirements are not as high, but we recommend from 6.5 x55 Swedish similar force or more .

Yes we have a small selection of rifles which we rent out for a small fee.

We have some Weatherby Mark V and, Blaser and Tikka satisfying the necessery requirements.

Please tell us if you need to rent a weapon.

Remember that the selection of ammunition it is very limited in the local stores. To be sure have all the ammunition for the hunt with you, or contact us in advance.

From summer 2012 Bowhunting is legal.

Black powder weapons are not allowed.

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