One of Greenland’s absolute best arctic char rivers!
On the west coast near Maniitsoq we fish for arctic chars up to 5-6 kg in a fantastic surrounding of the unique nature of Greenland. You’ll sleep protected in recently built hunter cabins.

Our fishing river is located approximately one hour by boat south of Maniitsoq and perhaps the best arctic char river in Greenland.

During the stay, you will have the river all to yourself. No risk of meeting another group who might compete with us for the best. The distance from the fjord to the waterfall is about 5 km. While walking alongside the river’s crystal clear waters it’s easy to spot the arctic chars.

An interesting way to catch them is to sneak down to the water’s edge, slowly drop the hand into the water just behind a fish, move it up to its neck and take it out, just like that. Well, “just like that” may not be the right expression. Some practice is indeed needed to get it working.  


The camp has two smaller cabins and one larger with heating and kichen. You’ll sleep in the small and cook, eat and socialising in the larger one. For sure a lot of the time is spent outside in the beautiful surrounding but having the opportunity to go inside if needed comes in handy, though. 

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