We are proud to offer this very exclusive hunting where we fly with a helicopter directly into the hunting area, where we are all alone with hundreds of Musk oxen.

The hunting areahas the largest population of Musk ox in Greenland and a large population of reindeer. The hunt of Musk ox starts first of July. The first months of the hunting season is for trophy hunt only, meaning that we have the area to our selfs.

We guarantee a 100% successful hunt on Musk ox and good opportunity of getting a reindeer.

This hunt is for a party of 2-4 hunters. The staff is very experienced, and you will have the best service available. There is allways: one outfitter, one chef, and one guide for every hunter, making the staff minimum 3-4 if you want to be a solo hunter - and up to 6-7staffmembers if you are a group of 4 hunter. Non hunters is also welcome.

Safety first.
We always carry advanced first aid equipment to be used of trained paramedics with special training in the Arctic emergency care and treatment and Arctic Rescue.
Every hunting party carries portable GPS, maps and satellite phones for extra safety when ever hunting.
We travel only in approved vessels and complying with all procedural and ethical rules for a good hunt.
Our tours sets the benchmark standard in Greenland, so enjoy.

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