Major  Hunting


Major Hunting own by Tobias Gredal.
Tobias has been a permanent resident in Greenland since February 2005, and have excellent experience with hunting, angling and boating in the area around Kangerlussuaq and Maniitsoq.
He is approved by GTE and the Department of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture, to organize Trophy hunting for big game in Greenland .
Major Hunting has a permanent summer base camp located in hunting a
rea, and have good knowledge of the area that we hunt in.
On all hunts and expeditions we will have a nurse specialized in Arctic emergency care and treatment, and educated in Arctic Rescue from Norway.
We have several trophies on our conscience and we will do our outmost to get you the best trophy to take home.
We will be able to supplement your knowledge about Greenland flora and fauna and will give you a rewarding and interesting game.
We are trained to do the preparation of your trophies and we cooperate with Diana Taxidermy in Denmark, which can give your trophies eternal life.
We master all multiple languages fluently: Danish, Greenlandic, English, Norwegian, Swedish and German.
We have many years experience in organizing tours and excursions for  both small and large groups.
We guarantee a safe and secure transportation, a pleasant stay with grate experiences of high standard and high safety.

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